Find your Happiness.

  Learn how to trust your joy, - follow your bliss... 



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Life happens.   Change is inevitable.


Things that take place in life either make us or break us. Find your strength. Rediscover inner peace.


Let me help you overcome the obstacles that block or hold

you back from moving forward. Transform yourself and change your situation to achieve your goals or realize your potential.

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Understand the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection...


Do you find yourself complaining about the same problem over and over?


Do you find repeated patterns in your life that only exhaust or limit you in finding happiness? 

Are you dealing with chronic pain and wonder if living will ever get better? 


Do fears or worries hold you back from living life to the fullest?


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will help you better understand how life events affect your thinking and emotions that lead to physical problems and behaviors that challenge us.

Clinical Hypotherapy will change negative habits and behaviors, improve self-confidence and bring you back to living, loving and enjoying life. 

Interpersonal and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy can help clear old memories or emotional blockages

that are causing symptoms. Experience the positive change that helps you find oneness with your higher source. Past Life Regression is a way to better understanding. 

 LaVerne M. Kalafor

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Educational Specialist in Psychology


Certified Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist

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your Greatest Self.


Resolve your inner conflicts and bring peace, harmony and happiness within you.


Focus and clear what creates inner suffering to be able to move on to realize who you really are and actualize your potential.


take back




Sometimes life feels out of control.


Sometimes you may feel that life is controlling you rather than you controlling your life!


Are you feeling stuck in unhealthy patterns of living? What do you yearn for in life? Are you always trying to fulfill someone elses expectations or unwritten laws in life of "Shoulds" and "Should Nots"? 

Parent-child conflicts are inevitable but there are ways to improve or lessen these conflicts.


Couples lose touch with the meaning of their relationship when stress and life events get in the way.


Are you escaping by self medicating or engaging in

unhealthy behaviors to soothe oneself or ease suffering? It indicates a need for change.

Have you suffered enough?

Free yourself from these habits or patterns through techniques of therapy that reopen communication and improves family and couple relationships.