Dialectic and Cognitive Behavioral Counseling

Interpersonal Skill Building/Family Dynamics

Balancing Work , Life, Family

Holding on/ Letting Go/Caretaker Fatigue/Breaking Through Barriers

Coping with Chronic Pain/ Self-Esteem/Anxiety and Depression/Grief and Loss


There are many challenges in life. It is difficult to go it alone and sometimes we feel that way even in the midst of many. Whether it be seeking to find a relationship or trying to cope with one, a trained, objective person can help ease the way, clarify the confusion, help to develop priorities or navigate through change. 


Roles and Conflicts

Family Stress

Separation and Divorce

Life Transitions

When you feel hurt, when you hold on to a grudge, when you feel discounted by others, you are holding on to a negative charge. It might have been something as small as a misunderstanding; or something as big as a spouse cheating on you. It may have been the same old communication pattern that makes you feel slighted or angered, unheard or unloved.


Either way, if you hold on to that negative charge, it begins to negatively affect you. It zaps your energy. It distracts you. It can spoil your day, your week, your year… for as long as you hold on to it, the negative effects continue. You become more irritable, less patient, less understanding, more reactive, more emotional, more stressed. Seek  to resolve these issues and return to a better level of compassion, love, understanding and happiness in life.